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Three High School Students Complete Two Years in Harik’s Research Group

In fall 2016, three students from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School’s High School Math, Science & Technology Center program joined Raymond-Blythe Professor of Civil Engineering Issam Harik’s research team.

Harik’s ambition is to preserve infrastructure through the use of advanced composite materials. He is a world-recognized leader in the use of fiber-reinforced material for bridge repair and maintenance.

Juniors at the time, the three students began conducting research toward their senior projects.

Bobby Bose’s project focused on the application and benefits of using carbon fiber in the fuselage of aircrafts. Bose’s goal was to determine whether or not it would be efficient to create a fuselage entirely out of carbon fiber. Bose placed third in the regional science fair and will attend the University of Kentucky this fall as part of the Lewis Honors College and a member of the Engineering Living Learning Program.

Amy Cline’s project looked into using carbon fiber to retrofit buildings after earthquakes. The goal of her study was to determine if carbon fiber could be used as a solution to reinforce buildings and make them more resistant to damages when an earthquake occurs. Cline received second place in the Regional Science Fair (materials science category) and will attend the UK this fall to study engineering.

Toby Pierson’s project explored the cost effectiveness of different types of concrete. He earned third place in the Regional Science Fair (materials science category) and will attend UK this fall to study civil engineering.