NE-5 EE599: Fundamentals of Nanoelectronic Devices and Materials


NE-1 ME599: Thermal Sciences at Nanoscale

NE-2B CME599: Biomedical Micro/Nanotechnology

NE-3LA MSE585: Materials Characterization Techniques

NE-2A EE599: MEMS and NEMS

NE-2D EE599: Nanophotonics


NE4S: Spring Seminars 

NE-4F: Fall Seminars 

1Some of this courses might not be offered.



The students who enroll in the NECP will be required to take a total of four courses on nanotechnology (three lecture and one laboratory) and attend to two semester-long seminar courses. See the attached Course Table for all the courses to be offered.

Three of the required courses will be lecture courses addressing both theoretical and fabrication fundamentals as related to nano-scale processes. Additionally, there are several other courses that can be taken as technical electives. Finally, there are two different lab courses offered, one of which needs to be taken by every student in the programas required courses. All the NECP courses are offered by the Departments of Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and Chemical and Materials Engineering (CME), and can be accepted as Technical Electives in students' home Departments. Please see the Course Table for detailed description of these courses.

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