There are currently two options approved for fulfilling the requirements for the Manufacturing Systems Engineering MS degree.

Plan A: Thesis Option

This program provides for study and research leading to the degree of Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. The thesis plan requires twenty-four credit hours of course work and a thesis.

Plan B: Project Option

The research project option is reserved for students who have significant engineering research or development experience in a manufacturing environment, for which completion of a thesis would be less beneficial than the additional course work involved in Plan B. The project option requires thirty-three credit hours of course work including an individual project.


All students (Plan A and Plan B) are required to take four core courses (twelve credit hours). The additional courses, as required, can be selected from a variety of elective courses offered.

Core Courses:

MFS 505: Modeling of Manufacturing Processes and Machines

MFS 605: Systems for Factory Information and Control

MFS 606: Manufacturing Seminar/Project

MFS 611: Organizational Behavior

Refer to the MFS Course Descriptions section for more details about above courses as well for all the elective courses available.