Contributors to Discovery

The Marksbury Building is the first capital construction project to be constructed solely with private support and matching funds from the state’s Research challenge Trust Fund.

Davis Marksbury

Mr. Marksbury, BSCE ’80, is best described as an entrepreneur, inventor and risk taker. Since the age of 26, Mr. Marksbury has launched three successful companies to address complex technology challenges in the document publishing industry.
Mr. Marksbury says, “You will be successful if your idea is better, if you execute well by focusing on customer and employee satisfaction, and if you outwork your competition.” The University of Kentucky is honored to name this College of Engineering Building in recognition of the contributions of the Marksbury Family Foundation.

James F. Hardymon

Mr. Hardymon, BSCE ’56 and MSCE ’58, is recognized internationally for his corporate leadership, focus and strategic management
style. Gratitude is extended to the Hardymon Family Foundation for its generous support.

James F. McDonald

Mr. McDonald, BSEE ’62 and MSEE ’64, is renowned for his vision, instinct and wisdom as a worldwide corporate leader. Deep appreciation is expressed to Mr. McDonald for his generous support.