Software Downloads

The following software is currently available for download from this web site. Check the Official Sites for the latest updates.

WinZIP WinZip is a program to create or uncompress .zip files. Modern versions of Windows have a zip/unzip utility built-in, but this program adds capabilities the built-in utility doesn't have. Official Site

puTTY A small, standalone SSH client (and some related utilities) for Windows. Official Site
Xming An X server for Windows computers. Use this in conjunction with puTTY if you need to display remote graphics applications on your local Windows system. NOTE: If you need to use Tecplot, you'll need to install Xming-mesa, rather than the basic Xming package. Official Site
Cygwin/X An X server for Windows computers, with more features than Xming. Consists of an X server, X libraries, and most standard X clients. Optionally includes Unix-like shells (bash or csh, for examples) and SSH. Official Site
WinSCP A fast, easy-to-use graphical SCP (Secure Copy) client (use in place of FTP). Official Site
FileZilla Another alternative to FTP for Windows systems. Official Site

VIM An MS-DOS/Windows GUI port of the vi UNIX editor. This release includes color syntax highlighting and extensive help & documentation. The same editor is installed on all ECS UNIX servers. Official Site

Office Software
Open Office An open-source office package that is compatible with all other major office suites, including Microsoft Office. Includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing components, and a formula editor. Official Site

Operating Systems
FreeBSD A free OS derived from UC Berkeley's BSD UNIX FreeBSD
Debian Linux One of the older Linux flavors Debian Site
Ubuntu Linux A popular variant of Debian Ubuntu Site

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