Software discussed here is available to students after the start of their first semester at UK.

Between the University and the College, engineering students have access to a number of software packages at no additional charge, or for a small fee. All UK students can download a copy of McAfee anti-virus, and ResearchSoft's EndNote add-in for Microsoft Word at no charge, and Microsoft Office may be downloaded from the student download server for a small fee. These software packages are supported on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

The College of Engineering licenses Microsoft's MSDNAA suite of products. Through this program our students are allowed to download a single installation of the various software packages included as part of the suite for free. You may also purchase many of the software packages at highly discounted rates if they choose. Visual Studio .Net (Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#), Visio, Project Professional, Access, and OneNote are all included. Microsoft's MSDNAA site has additional information on this program, as does the College's MSDNAA page.

Finally, check with your instructor when you get to class to see what additional software may be needed or will be useful. In some cases there may be licensing agreements in place that allow you to install software you are using in a particular class. In other cases, there are student versions available.