Seeing Blue(tooth)

After receiving a mechanical engineering degree from Purdue, Ph.D. student Ann Whitney came to UK to focus on wireless devices.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, Ann Whitney came to UK to earn a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with a focus on wireless devices. Specifically, Ann is investigating radio frequency identification (RFID) and Bluetooth low energy and discovering new ways of estimating the location of a device based upon the return signal. Her research advisor is associate professor Johné Parker.

“What excites me most about my research is that Dr. Parker and I are continually discovering new methods. Our research is already on the cutting edge of wireless localization technology and there is serious potential for UK, and this research team in particular, to be seen as world leaders in this field,” says Ann.

Crucial to Ann’s success is the RFID research partnership Parker has forged with Lexington-based Lexmark International. Utilizing Lexmark’s world-class facilities enables Parker and her research group to employ equipment that would not otherwise be available to them.

“This is a mutually beneficial partnership that maximizes the research capacity and quality of both parties,” articulates Parker. “We are uncovering very interesting basic research problems as well as solving some exciting applied problems as a result of this collaboration.”

When Ann completes her Ph.D., she plans to continue working with wireless devices, possibly deploying her expertise toward service projects in third world countries.