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Now You Know

Most students and visitors passing through the Joseph G. & Suzanne W. Teague Atrium of the Ralph G. Anderson Building may not notice them, but two elegant stained glass windows adorn the windows above each entrance. These beautiful panes, which illustrate the conversion of power from one form to another, have a long history within the college. They were originally made for the first engineering building on the current campus, Mechanical Hall, which was built in 1891-92. When Mechanical Hall was demolished in the early 1960s to make way for the F. Paul Anderson Tower, the windows were moved to the engineering Quadrangle, where they hung in the student lounge known by engineering students as “The Pit.” When the Quadrangle was demolished to make way for the Oliver H. Raymond Building, the college rescued the windows and stored them for safe keeping until the Ralph G. Anderson Building — their current home — was dedicated in 2002.