Fall 2015

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FRONT COVER: James Casalino: Super Bowl Halftime Show Design Wizard

FRONT COVER: James Casalino: Super Bowl Halftime Show Design Wizard

Message from the Dean

The Difference Maker

When Samson Cheung’s son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, he revamped his research.

Built to Last

John Balk, one of the college’s most popular professors, is exploring the new frontier of high-entropy alloys.

All Access

Alumnus James Casalino designs sets for concerts, television shows and the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Driver’s Seat

Singletary Scholar and Buick Achiever Joshua Morgan is a big reason the UK Solar Car Team is competing once again.

Living Memory

Alice Sparks has kept her husband’s love for the college alive through a memorial scholarship.

In the Spotlight

By the Numbers

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Walking the Gargoyle

Message from the Dean



he University of Kentucky is a place of change. This is a testimony that has always been true for young men and women who have spent formative years here on campus, but lately the physical infrastructure has told the tale of transformation. Since July 2011, UK has invested more than $1.7 billion in capital projects to transform the campus, and over the summer crews began working on an unbelievable $175 million student center. That has created significant buzz not just on our campus, but around the nation. It says, “the University of Kentucky is going places. It is not sitting around waiting for top students and faculty to come to it, but creating the best environment to attract and support the best.” This is an exciting place to be.

The College of Engineering is going places as well, and in this issue, we are demonstrating where an engineering education can take today’s graduate. We have selected stories of unique employment and research directions made possible by our quality of education as well as research environment. We begin with Sen-Ching (Samson) Cheung, whose research focus changed dramatically when his son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Cheung’s shift has resulted in several products designed to help autistic children learn daily living skills. We also highlight alumnus James Casalino, whose mechanical engineering background has proved invaluable in his role as leader of the drafting and design team that produces the sets for concerts, television shows and even the Super Bowl. Finally, we focus on electrical engineering major Joshua Morgan, who is excelling not only in the classroom, but as a senior member of the UK Solar Car Team. These articles, as well as features on materials engineering professor John Balk and longtime friend of the college Alice Sparks round out this fall issue; we even have a spot dedicated to the mysterious iron sculpture in the atrium of the Ralph G. Anderson Building.

We look forward to your feedback as we strive to make Kentucky Engineering Journal a treat you find in your mailbox. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at alumni@engr.uky.edu with any suggestions you may have.



John Y. Walz