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Now You Know: Class Composite Photos

Every fall and spring, graduates-in-waiting from the University of Kentucky College of Engineering have their picture taken for their class composite. Alumni visiting campus love showing younger versions of themselves to their children and grandchildren and legacy students take a keen interest in finding relatives who preceded them at UK.

While the most visible composites, covering the classes of 1950-2016, are on the second floor of the Ralph G. Anderson Building and the Oliver H. Raymond Building, the college has composite photos for every graduating class—stretching all the way back to its first graduate, John Wesley Gunn in 1890. The classes of 1890-1949 are hanging in the basement of the Ralph G. Anderson Building in two separate hallways. Counting separate composite photos taken for summer graduates, there are 137 total frames in the college. Surprisingly, the first color composite wasn’t added until 2003.