From Orientation To Graduation

Academic retention, a prominent feature in UK’s strategic plan, has become the college’s top priority.

When it comes to evaluating the success of a university or a college within it, the default mode of measurement is usually framed by enrollment numbers: How many incoming students this year? Is that more than last year? How big is the student body overall? Reaching milestones yields a great sense of satisfaction. Three years […]

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Final Frontier

Biomedical engineering associate professor Sridhar Sunderam has devoted his academic career to the mystery and beauty of brain rhythms.

Page 14 - Sridar Sundram

With all due respect to Captain James Kirk from the famed Star Trek series, Sridhar Sunderam disagrees that space is the “final frontier.” Rather, the territory with the greatest potential for discovery lies closer to us than the universe’s uncharted outposts. In fact, it’s closer than our atmosphere, the environment and even our own skin. […]

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Game of Energy

Nathan Wright has always wanted to go beyond the status quo and create; with his new strategic game based on a world energy crisis, he is doing just that.

Page 18 - Nathan Wright

Growing up in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, near Pikeville, Nathan Wright has been a big fan of University of Kentucky sports since he can remember. Even his room was painted and decorated in UK colors. Yet his a nity for Big Blue is not what sold him on UK as the place to pursue […]

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Backseat Driver

A car enthusiast, a shoot-for-the-moon internship and the imminent technological shift that will affect us all.

Page 24-25 - Angelo Stekardis-crop-web

Put Angelo Stekardis behind the wheel and he’s one happy man. Instead of flying from Louisville to southern California, where Angelo would begin a summer-long internship, he and his father preferred to make the 31 hour cross-country drive. When the internship ended three months later, Angelo and his girlfriend took a 48 hour “scenic route” […]

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Full Circle

Chris Magruder is giving back to an endowed fellowship that gave him a chance to earn a master’s degree.

Chris Magruder

When 2006 electrical engineering graduate Chris Magruder was searching for funding that would enable him to continue graduate studies in electrical engineering, he was delighted to receive the recently established Dr. Robert D. Hayes Endowed Graduate Fellowship which was only available to graduate students studying electrical or computer engineering and who were members of Eta […]

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In the Spotlight

Zack Anderson: Senior, Computer Science S urgeons and anesthesiologists prepped for their next bariatrics surgery: scrubs, masks, gowns, gloves? Check. Google Glass, connected and fully charged? Check. They headed into the operating room. The doctor and an anesthesiologist wore Google Glass technology mounted on their eyeglasses. In the top right corner of the right lenses, […]

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News & Recognition

Seales Makes Breakthrough – and News – with En-Gedi Scroll University of Kentucky Department of Computer Science Chair and Professor Brent Seales and his team have further unlocked writings in the ancient En-Gedi scroll—the first severely damaged, ink-based scroll to be unrolled and identified noninvasively. Through virtual unwrapping, they have revealed it to be the […]

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Class Notes

Mechanical Engineering Alumnus Junghänel Wins Olympic Gold in Brazil Mechanical engineering alumnus Henri Junghänel experienced the thrill of a lifetime this summer when he won the Olympic Gold Medal in the 50-meter prone rifle at the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The UK Class of 2013 graduate broke the Olympic final […]

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In Memorium

Staley F. Adams, Beloved Civil Engineering Professor, Dies Staley Fields Adams, professor emeritus in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky, died June, 20, 2016 in Lexington, Ky. He was 95. Adams served as an officer and an Air Force pilot during World War II and was honorably discharged as a captain. […]

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Now You Know

Page 38 - Now You Know

Most students and visitors passing through the Joseph G. & Suzanne W. Teague Atrium of the Ralph G. Anderson Building may not notice them, but two elegant stained glass windows adorn the windows above each entrance. These beautiful panes, which illustrate the conversion of power from one form to another, have a long history within […]

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