The University of Kentucky College of Engineering extends itself into the pre-college community via several multi-faceted efforts.  The goals of these efforts include education, encouragement, information, college credit opportunities, and FUN for students of all ages.  We know and recognize that many students may have little exposure to engineering and engineers, and what engineers do on a daily basis.  Therefore, through some of these programs, we can help educate students, parents, counselors, teachers and others across the Commonwealth that engineers do MORE than simply “fix things” and drive trains.  Both are accurate; yet miss the creative inquisitive nature engineers possess.  On this web page you can find links to informative engineering informational websites, as well as links to K-12 opportunities within the UK College of Engineering.   Questions?  Email us at .

What do engineers do?  Check these websites (and come back often as we update the list):

Several of the opportunities provided by the UK College of Engineering targeted specifically for K-12 students can be found on the following pages