It’s an exciting time to be in manufacturing - there is increasing emphasis on re-making manufacturing in the United States to make it a globally competitive force in advanced and more sustainable manufacturing. Sustainable manufacturing is about making more sustainable products as well as using more sustainable processes, systems and supply chains to make those products.


The 4th International Forum on Sustainable Manufacturing will present:

  • Recent research advances in sustainable manufacturing at the product, process and systems (including supply chain) levels as well as,
  • Cutting-edge practices used by industry leaders to address sustainable manufacturing issues.

In addition to above, special features this year:

  • A national-level gathering of the top leadership of all three institutes in the DoD-led Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation (IMI) in a panel discussion. Do not miss this rare opportunity to learn how the IMIs plan to help promote sustainable manufacturing!!
    • Panelists include:
      - Dr. Dean Bartles, Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDI)
      - Ed Morris, America Makes–National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute
      - Dr. Alan Taub, American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute
  • Emerging researcher presentations: a series of presentations by leading young researchers working in sustainable manufacturing.