Preparing Future Faculty

The purpose of UK’s Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program is to provide professional development guidance to graduate students who wish to explore or pursue a faculty career at one of the types of institutions of higher education (research universities, regional comprehensive universities, independent universities and colleges, community colleges, or for-profit universities). The overall focus is on readiness for the dynamics of faculty work in the areas of research, teaching, and service. The program emphasizes discovering individual fit and matching it with institutional fit (the workplace’s mission, expectations, culture, etc). The program’s entry course, GS 650, offers students the background, language, and tools necessary for understanding and gauging this crucial match. For more information, contact Dr. Morris Grubbs at or by calling (859) 257-9725.


Grad Degree+

Grad Degree+ is an opportunity for graduate students to develop and refine the transferable skills highly sought by employers. Courses such as “Basics of Diversity,” “Communicating with Success,” and “Leading Effective Teams” will aid graduate students in becoming better, more informed leaders while in graduate school and prepare them to continue in this vein in whatever path(s) they choose beyond graduate school.


20-Minute Mentor Commons

The Graduate School offers currently enrolled graduate students and TA Developers cloud-based access to over 100 short video/slide presentations on issues confronting college-level instructors.  Each video is accompanied by supplemental materials in pdf, including a transcript of the presentation and a handout of the PPT.  Click here to preview the list of topics in pdf.


Resources for Navigating Your Career

On-line resources to help graduate students identify, prepare for, and succeed in their careers.


Resources and Activities for Graduate Teaching Assistants



The GradShare portal allows graduate students to connect with one another across universities to discuss the challenges they face in graduate education and to share strategies for success.  It is also a place to learn about the resources that the University of Kentucky provides to succeed in graduate school.