Link Blue

The term “link blue” was coined to define the directory account (user id and password) which can be used when connecting to many campus-wide systems, including myUK, Canvas, student email accounts, and APEX Degree Planner to name only a few.

Campus Map

Interactive map of the campus and surrounding areas.

University Calendar

Includes the Academic Calendar, Class Registration Windows, and Final Examination schedule.

Class Schedules

University of Kentucky searchable course catalog.

University Bulletin

Information on programs and course descriptions.

Tuition and Fees

2016-2017 Academic Year

The below costs represent the average amounts paid by students who attend UK. These averages are updated annually and are used to determine how much financial aid to award to a student.

  Type Graduate
  Tuition and Fees 12,236
  Room and Board 12,184
  Books and Supplies 1,000
  Travel 850
  Personal 2,456
  Loan Origination 174
  TOTAL 28,900
  Type Graduate
  Tuition and Fees 28,380
  Room and Board 12,184
  Books and Supplies 1,000
  Travel 1,150
  Personal 2,412
  Loan Origination 174
  TOTAL 45,300