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This year, all workshops are brand new.  All troops that register for GEMS; either new or returning will be scheduled for 3 hands on workshops by the program department.  Some of the titles so far are:

Cosmetic Chemistry       Fermentation Creation  Forensics – DNA Extraction
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body    Nature’s Scissors  Here Comes the Flood
Roller Coast Excitement   Electronic Jeopardy   
The Math of Marketing   Food Tasty – Food Safety  


Adult Workshops

Also this year there are 3 adult seminars that we invite leaders and parents to attend while the girl’s workshops are being conducted.  Two workshops - Encouraging Leadership and Achievement in Girls andThe Next Generation Science Standards and Testing are sponsored and conducted by the Department of Education, Division of Innovation and Partner Engagement.   The third workshop,

College Preparation for Future Engineers will be conducted by the Director of Women’s Programs and Recruitment. 

Keynote Speaker

For our opening ceremony we have Lisa Roe, the first female Director of NASA’s Langley Research Center. It is the place where NASA researches solutions to problems from global climate change and access to space, to air travel, future aviation vehicles. Lesa is the senior management official of the Center, overseeing facilities valued at more than $3.3B, and employing over 3,600 engineers and scientists. She is responsible for the Center's technical implementation of aeronautical, space and science programs, as well as the overall management of the Center's facilities, personnel and administration. She will be joining us via SKIPE.  Dr. Janet Lumpp with NASA Kentucky at UK will be the moderator.  These very successful women will discuss exciting aspects of their careers.  There will be a chance for girls to ask questions at the end of the presentation.  

Past Workshops

Exploring the Brain
Examine fundamental aspects of neuropsychology, such as brain, anatomy, learning & memory tasks. Trick your senses, test your brain power and examine human brain tissue.

Physics Petting Zoo
Girls enjoy hands-on on physics experiments such as a water droplet fountain that goes backwards, slimy soap film and much more.

Lego Mindstorm Robotic Workshop
Girls will be building lego mindstorm robots and testing them on an obstacle course.

Center  A Walk Through the Heart
See real human hearts and have the opportunity to "walk through" a floor canvas of the circulatory system.

Alice in Programming Land
Introduce girls to computer programming language.

Mechanical Assessment of Suture Strength
Introduce girls to mechanical testing and give them a chance to conduct a hands-on test determining the strength of suture & the effects of knotting the suture.

Is Pharmacy In Your Future?
See what its like to be a pharmacist!  Learn more about how important Pharmacists are to your health through lots of hands-on demonstrations and activities.

Build a Spectroscope
Light is not all the same. With a spectroscope you can see the difference between sunlight and say, a streetlight.

Nursing-Oh, the Things You Do…
Join us at the College of Nursing to learn what nurses do. Hands-on activities with the simulators, come see what's new, and have fun in the lab too!

Shrinky Dinks Make You Think
Meet Chemical engineers and work with them to design an experiment to answer the age old question:  How do shrinky dinks shrink?

Bridge Building
Girls will explore the engineering of solid and strong bridge building.  Teamwork will be put to the test again.

Light up your Style!
Girls will find out what makes an LED glow and make a light-up necklace of their very own!

The Quest Tower
The workshop is kind of like Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice.”  Girls will use their skills within the team to solve a complex problem.  Remember, the team that solves the problem will be the Apprentice team of the day!

Circuit Building
Girls will learn what an electrical circuit is.  They will solder and build a working circuit.

Fossils, Earth History and Geologic Time
Girls will have the opportunity to arrange real fossil specimens, replicas of dinosaurs and other extinct animals, rocks and minerals and names of various geological events on a long 90 foot geologic time line.  Lots of hand outs about the geologic time periods.

Build a Computer
Girls will build a one bit adder that illustrates fundamentals of binary arithmetic and digital logic.

Girls in a workshop

Girls in a workshop

girls in a workshop

Girls in a workshop

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

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