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Information for Exhibitors

What Makes a Great Exhibit?

  • Interesting Title
  • Interactive or Dynamic Exhibit
    • activities
    • contests
    • videos
    • moving parts
  • Introduces something new to the audience
  • Shows a way engineering applies to everyday life or something they already know
  • Avoid:
    • acronyms that only industry folks recognize
    • static displays such as poster boards and brochures
    • overly technical exhibits – the audience here is school-aged kids and their families

Tips for Exhibitors

You may only have 5 to 10 minutes to make an impression on a child. Make this time count!

  • try every challenge yourself before doing it with kids
  • be friendly and patient
  • enlist the help of the adult who came with the child
  • adapt instructions to fit your audience
  • let kids explore freely as they investigate
  • talk to the kids about the engineering, science or math concept behind the activity
  • talk to the kids about projects you are working on in kid-friendly language
  • point out which part of the design process they are following as they progress through the activity
  • ask kids questions to help guide them

Exhibitor Setup Information

  • the Main Engineering Buildings with red background,
  • the designated parking lots with highlighted background and P sign,
  • the loading/unloading areas (Administration Drive/Limestone and the ASTeCC loading dock (with a blue dotted line leading up to it from Washington Avenue through a parking area).

Where and when to arrive

Doors will open for exhibitors at 7am. The event is open to the public from 9 am to 1 pm. We would very much appreciate it if you can be set up by 9 am and avoid tearing down before 1 pm.  Alternatively, you may set up on Friday, Feb. 22 between 4 and 5 pm.  Some of the classrooms might still be in use at that time, so we might have to store your equipment in a neighboring room.  If your location is already available, you are welcome to set up.  Student volunteers will be working on Friday to move tables and chairs based on your request into and out of your location.  If you want to come in on Friday, please let us know. 
We recommend you use one of two locations for unloading and reloading:

The best location is through the ASTeCC loading dock doorway. The location of the loading dock is marked with the dashed arrow on the attached map.

You can also go to the main gate on Limestone Street into Administration Drive and drive up the hill. This is right in front of the Engineering complex. You may park along the blue curb temporarily and unload your car. Simply tell the gate attendant you are unloading or reloading for Engineer’s Day. If you unload there, it will be easiest after unloading to move your car into Parking Structure 5, which is next to the Peterson Building, between Limestone and Upper Streets, close to the Student Center.

After unloading, you may not leave your vehicle parked in either loading zone or in any lot NOT highlighted on the attached map. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PARKED ON A BLUE CURB OR IN ANY SPACE MARKED WITH BLUE LINES, ANY CURB OR SPACE MARKED WITH YELLOW AND BLACK OR YELLOW AND WHITE STRIPES, OR ANY HANDICAPPED SPACE unless you have a UNIVERSITY ISSUED handicapped permit. If you park in one of these locations, you will almost certainly be ticketed and possibly towed.

Most of the exhibitor parking is close to the buildings. If you want to park and carry in your materials, you may certainly do that.


You may park in the lots off Rose Street (Funkhouser Lot), and off Washington Ave. These surface lots are open to exhibitors and volunteers until  and you do NOT need a parking pass or permit. If there is an attendant on duty, just mention you’re there for E-Day.

The other option is Parking Structure #5 between Upper and Limestone Streets, next to Kennedy Bookstore (open only on the Limestone Street side). Use the pedway on the 3rd floor to cross Limestone. Also, the Scott Street Lot is open to visitors and exhibitors.  They are marked with a “P” sign on the map.

Resources at Exhibit Location

Hallway tables will be skirted and all tables will be labeled with your company/organization’s name. (The skirts we provide are very basic blue plastic skirts so feel free to bring your own.)

Each exhibit location will have the resources that you already requested: tables, chairs, outlets, etc. Wireless internet is available throughout the area.

If anything is missing or if you need anything else please let us know and, if at all possible, we’ll get you what you need. All college staff and students working the event will be happy to help you and are wearing a green t-shirt with the E-Day Logo on the front. During E-Day, the main E-Day Office in OHR 161 (Raymond Building, Civil Engineering) will be staffed and answering phones at: 859-257-4856.

Floor Plans