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Engineers Day

Exhibits and Competitions

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Egg Drop Competition

The contestants shall design and build a shipping container that will prevent an uncooked chicken egg (Grade A Large) from breaking when dropped from the second floor inside the Oliver H. Raymond building to the basement. Download the guidelines here. And, the entry form here.

Speed Bent Building Contest and FIRST Lego League Robotics Exhibition

K-12 students will be asked to build a Lego replica of our symbol (the Bent) as quickly as possible. We will be also reenacting the UK FLL Robotics Into Orbit Competition that occurred on December 7th.

By Tau Beta Pi

Paper Airplane Contest

Contestants create their own paper airplanes and compete for distance.

By the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Paper Bridge Competition

Using only newspaper and tape, who can build the strongest bridge? Stop by and spend as long as you'd like building your bridge. At the end of the day, we will test all the bridges with incremental weights and declare a winner!

By the Kentucky Transportation Center

Volcano Contest

Build a volcano at home or school and then enter into a competition to win prizes at the Chemical Engineering Eday. Download the Volcano Contest rules here.



3D Doodling in STEM

Come learn how to use a 3D pen for fostering creativity in STEM. You will have the chance to use a 3D and take home the pieces that you make!

By the UK Department of STEM Education

Acoustics Laboratory

Show of the anechoic chamber as is typical for our group.

By the Vibro-Acoustics Lab

After the Flush: Do you know where your wastewater goes?

This exhibit will display the stages of the Town Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant. An interactive activity will guide the students through the process of water treatment. Our fish are swimming in treated water from the wastewater treatment plant. Students will see a real-world example that wastewater is clean enough for the wildlife when it leaves the plant. A monitor with a display about our sewer robot, including a video showing what grease does when you pour it down the drain.

By the Division of Environmental Services

After the Storm

What happens to the rain after a storm? Learn about stormwater, rain gardens, and more.

By the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

A quantum computer?

We'll have a 16 "Q"-bit computer performing quantum computations and will be explaining how quantum computing works and handing out "Q" bits.

By the University of Kentucky Electrical and Computer Engineering

Advanced Hand-Eye Coordination Challenge- High School Focused

Critical Thinking

By Sullivan University

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Make contour maps of the terrain you make with your hands in a computer- augmented sandbox.

By the University of Kentucky Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Balloons! Balloons!

Ever wonder what goes into a balloon to make it float? Learn all about helium and grab yourself a balloon at the same time!

By the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

Biomechanics of the whole body

Examples of research works/methods that are performed in the Human Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Lab of the F. Joseph Halcomb III, MD Department of Biomedical Engineering. Webpage: http://hmbl.engineering.uky.edu/

By the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Society

Society for advancing human health and well being and promoting involvement in biomedical engineering

By the Biomedical Engineering Society

Biomedical Optics Lab

The Biomedical Optics Lab was founded within the Department of Biomedical Engineering at University of Kentucky in 2007 by Professor Guoqiang Yu. The Biomedical Optics Lab develops optical spectroscopy/imaging for quantification of blood flow, oxygenation and oxygen metabolism in normal and diseased tissues of animals and humans. The motivation is to explore the feasibility of optical-electronic instruments for noninvasive diagnosis of various diseases and longitudinal monitoring of therapies. We built a portable, easy-to-use, and inexpensive hybrid optical instrument for simultaneous monitoring of tissue blood flow and oxygenation and will show it at the exhibition. Webpage: http://bioptics.engineering.uky.edu/

By the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Biosystems Engineering Information

Biosystems students will be describing what biosystems engineers do!

By the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

Bucket Tower Challenge

SWE will be hosting a challenge to see who can make the strongest bucket tower. We will provide materials for those who want to test out their building abilities and see which structure can support a bucket with the most pennies!

By the Society of Women Engineers

Bullard - A Century of Safety

Cookie Cam (Thermal Imagers), PAPRmint (Filtered Breathable Air), Wear Me (Fire Helmets)

By Bullard

Cameras as Computers

Digital cameras are really computers, and that means they can do a lot more than just taking photos. We'll explain and demo several things cameras can do as computers.

By the University of Kentucky Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cardiac Rhythm Lab

In Cardiac Rhythm Lab we try to answer different physiological questions related to the autonomic response of the body especially ones related to the human heart and its rhythmic electrical activity. Our recent projects focus on these autonomous responses of the body during listening to music. Webpage: http://crl.engineering.uky.edu/

By the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Chemical & Materials Engineering Program Information

Brochures & pamphlets related to the Chemical & Materials Engineering curricula.

By the UK Chemicals and Materials Engineering

Chemical & Materials Engineering Program Information

Printed materials related to the Chemical Engineering & Materials Engineering majors.

By the UK Chemical & Materials Engineering

Computer Science Showcase and Mini-Workshops

Demos, hands-on activities, short tutorials -- designed for all K-12 levels -- presenting interesting, important and engaging aspects of modern computer science including AI, Machine Learning, Games and Security.

By the Department of Computer Science

DIY Candy Tablets

Come learn about how life-changing medicines are made from students interested in research, development, and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. We will have a fun, interactive activity and a 3D printer demonstration showcasing future technologies.

By the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE)

ECE Maker Space

See the place where Electrical and Computer Engineering students make their cool gadgets!

By the UK Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE Senior Design Projects

Explore current projects for senior Electrical and Computer Engineering students.

By the UK Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrification of Our Communities

This exhibit showcases a scaled version of an electric city. At the exhibit one will find model houses and buildings connected with lighting, demonstrating how electrical energy is distributed in our communities. This display also features a functioning lego model of "the world’s largest wind turbine" to show students one-way energy can be harnessed renewably for powering our homes. The exhibit will also feature a miniature electric car with an integrated Faraday flashlight energy storage demonstrator, and real student-built full-size electric bikes with flashlights and exposed electronics.

By the Power and Energy Institute of Kentucky (PEIK)


Demonstrations of basic electromagnetic phenomena.

By the UK Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Elephant Toothpaste with AAPS

Come watch as we demonstrate how chemical reactions via enzymes can create a foamy explosion!

By the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

Energy generation

The Energy Club demonstrates power generation and energy storage with our power bike in which people can ride to create electricity. This electricity then gets stored into a battery which can output power to anything with a USB cable

By the UK Energy Club

Everything is Science

Everything is Science (EiS) is a week-long, citywide festival that aims to bridge the gap between scientists and the general public while making science more accessible. During the festival—occurring February 24-28, 2020 from 6-9 PM—you will have the opportunity to hear from diverse speakers as they talk about their research or general interests in a way that's both interactive and easy to understand.

By Everything is Science

Factory of the Future at Parker Hannifin

The exhibit is an example of demonstrating Parker Hannifin's drive towards the factory of the future with the application of robotics, Internet of Things (IOT) and digitization.

By Parker Hannifin

Fire Tornado

The exhibit will demonstrate how fire whirls (fire tornados) are formed. It is created when a whirlwind is induced by fire. These start with a whirl of wind often made visible by smoke and may occur when intense rising heat and turbulent wind conditions combine to form whirling eddies of air. These eddies can contract a tornado-like vortex that sucks in debris and combustible gases. This will be in the Courtyard.

By the Institute of Research for Technology Development

Formula Kentucky: FSAE Race Team

Come by and see FK03, the last competition racecar built by the team. We will be displaying some of our old parts as well as some newly manufactured parts. Feel free to ask any questions about the team or the car!

By Formula Kentucky

Fun with Computer Science

Learn about Computer Science with games and interactive artificial intelligence demonstrations.


Fun with Dash and Dot

Using Dash and Dot Wonder robots to teach kids to learn to code.

By Bluegrass SWE

Fun with Fluids

Come observe the bizarre behavior of non-Newtonian fluids!

By The Department of Materials and Chemical Engineering

Fun with Sand

A quicksand tank will show the process known as soil liquefaction, watch objects sink during an earthquake simulation! Also, join in a sandcastle-building contest!

By the Civil Engineering Department

Gato Del Sol VI

Gato VI is the latest award-winning, fully solar-powered car built by the University of Kentucky Solar Car Team.

By the UK Solar Car Team

Geothermal HVAC System Model

Working model of a geothermal water source heat pump system. Showing how an air-conditioning unit heats or cools a space, moving energy between chilled or hot water and the air in the room.

By ASHRAE - Bluegrass Chapter

Go with the flow (Floodplain Simulation)

Hands-on simulations to demonstrate how floodplains work, witness how streamflow is affected during high times of runoff.

By the Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute


Hemp: Hype vs Reality

By the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

Hour of Code

Equal parts educational and entertaining, Hour of Code is a fun program designed to inspire kids aged 8-80 to learn coding! Featuring beloved children's' franchises such as Frozen, Minecraft, and Wonder Woman, your student will be able to learn the basics of programming in just one hour - and have fun while doing so, of course.

By the Association for Computing Machinery for Women

How Aluminum Products Are Made

A wide range of aluminum products will be presented at the booth and manufacturing demonstration videos will be shown. A set of Play-Doh would also be available to simulate the aluminum extrusion manufacturing process. Visitors will be able to get a close look at how some of their daily used aluminum products are made including soda cans, aluminum foil, fry pans, etc. Our employees will be present to answer questions related to aluminum.

By the Center of Aluminum Technology

How is Cotton Candy Made?

Learn about how cotton candy is made! Samples of this delectable treat will be given out!

By the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

How strong is YOUR house?

We will provide the students with materials to construct houses and then test them on a mini shake table the Department of Civil Engineering has.

By the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and Structural Engineers Association

Innovation Center

Check out the student lab and see students utilizing 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC work her at the college.

By the UK College of Engineering

Innovation in Chemical Engineering

Stop by to learn about exciting topics in Chemical Engineering!

By the AIChE

Intelligent Kinova Gen3 Collaborative Robotic Arm

We will show some demonstrations of a Kinova Gen3 ultralightweight robotic arm, such as pick-and-place tasks, interaction with humans.

By the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Kentucky

Intelligent Machines and Brain

Can machines read our minds? Can we make machines that perceive the world the way we do? In the exhibit, we demonstrate how the brain signals can be used to build advanced interfaces that can establish direct communication between humans and machines. Also, we show how machine learning can be used to equip machines with human-like perception capabilities such as vision, to navigate and interact with the outside world. The demo includes control of a quadcopter and a smart vehicle as well as playing a game based on brain signals.

By the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

K-Car Competition

Participants will learn lean operational principles through building lego cars. This will be located in the Basement of RMB room 10.

By the Institute of Research for Technology Development (IR4TD) Lean Systems Program

Keeping tabs on cells in the body

Webpage: http://chapelinlab.engr.uky.edu/

By the Biomedical Engineering

Kentucky Children's Hospital

Kentucky Children’s Hospital is home to Kentucky’s top pediatric healthcare specialists. Our team includes pediatricians, surgeons, nurses, therapists, technicians and health care professionals—people devoted to caring for your child by being the best at what they do. We are here at E-Day to make sure you have the resources and information you need about the Kentucky Children's Hospital, if you ever need us.

By UK HealthCare Kentucky Children's Hospital

Kentucky Engineering Exposure Network

KEEN is a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Program dedicated to teaching Kentucky's youth about engineering.


Kentucky Geological Survey

The exhibit will demonstrate rock permeability and porosity, show examples of how LiDAR is used by geologists, and explain how seismic data is used to make decisions about city planning, including the standards for building codes.

By the Kentucky Geological Survey

Kentucky Geological Survey

The exhibit will demonstrate rock permeability and porosity, show examples of how LiDAR is used by geologists, and explain how seismic data is used to make decisions about city planning, including the standards for building codes.

By the Kentucky Geological Survey

Kentucky Operation Lifesaver / Railroad Safety Education

Incidents and safety information

By Kentucky Operation Lifesaver

Launch Objects Through the Air with Electricity

Use an electromagnetic launcher to launch objects through the air and across the room. Explore the technology used to power thrilling roller coasters and to propel airplanes into flight. Learn more about the applications of electrical power and energy.

By the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Learn About Electrical and Computer Engineering

Visit at least six electrical and computer engineering exhibits to be entered into a drawing for a great prize! Entry forms may be picked up in 453 FPAT

By the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lean Lego "UK" Car Building

Participants compete to find their own fastest way to build Lego "UK" car, learning about standardized work and continuous improvement. Participants are timed and can see how their process measures up with others

By the IR4TD/Lean Systems Program"

Lego Bridge Build Challenge

Contestants will construct a bridge using only LEGO blocks. All materials needed for construction will be provided. Contestants will label their bridge with their name, email and contact phone number. The bridges will then be tested to see how much weight they are able to hold; weight will be added in slowly applied increments until the bridge fails. Failure is defined as the bridge no longer being able to span the 10-inch gap. The contestant whose bridge is able to hold the highest load will win prizes

By the Chi Epsilon

Lego Earthquake Towers and Lego Dams

Build a LEGO tower to withstand an "earthquake" an build a LEGO dam to hold back a "flowing stream."

By the ASCE Bluegrass Chapter

Lexmark Activities

Multiple stations for activities

By Lexmark International

Lift Them Up

The exhibit will put on display the Lift Them Up, and the participants can take turns to ride in the vehicle. The Lift Them Up Vehicle is a one of a kind vehicle designed and built through a partnership between the UK College of Engineering, UK Athletics, Kentucky Children’s Hospital, and Toyota. The goal was to have a child "drive" the cart and be an integral part of the Cat Walk before every UK Football home game. It has been used in every home game this every, and now you get to experience the thrill.

By the Institute of Research for Technology Development/Toyota

Lignin as a 3-D Printing Feedstock for Sustainability

: Lignin is found in plant cell walls and is the second most abundant polymer in nature. Lignin, a renewable product, is a novel source of filament for 3-D printing. As a 3-D printing filament, filament containing lignin contains less PLA plastic. Learn about how lignin can be used for 3-D printing and help the environment.

By the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

Lip Gloss Manufacturing

Did you know makeup companies use chemistry to design their products? Come make lip gloss and learn about cosmetic chemistry!

By Omega Chi Epsilon

Materials Science Circus

Come see our circus of materials and their amazing tricks. Materials with memory, Materials floating in space, Materials walking through fire and the strong man Instron pulling Materials apart.

By Materials Advantage

Math and Logic Puzzles

If you really like exercising your brain and figuring things out, then this is where you want to be.

By the Mathnasium

ME Senior Design Prototypes and Posters

Explore what has been designed and built for the Senior Design projects in Mechanical Engineering

By UK Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mini City

The LG&E and KU Mini City demonstration is a tabletop display that educates consumers on the importance of electric safety.

By LG&E and KU Energy LLC

Mining Engineering: Can You Dig It?

Are you curious about what happens in a mine? Are you interested in engineering? Come visit the Society of Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration and learn all about the world of mining through with our interactive 3D sandbox, exciting demonstrations, and mineral identification! You’ll get a behind the scenes look at all the coolest aspects of Mining Engineering, which you can only see at 13 schools in the country.

By the Society of Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration

Nanoscale 3D printing

How do you make something you can't even see? Explore the science of microscopic proportions!

By the University of Kentucky Electrical and Computer Engineering

NASA Robot

Explore with a NASA Robot and remote-controlled robot fun!

By the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering/The Kentucky Organization of Robotics and Automation (KORA)

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing and AspireIT

The Aspirations in Computing (AIC) Award program opportunity and Grant Funding for Tech Workshops through AspireIT.

By the National Center for Women and Information Technology

Neural Systems Lab

Webpage: www.uky.edu/~ssu223/

By the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Newton's Attic

SPINtron: A multi-axis machine that simulated the motions of a space capsule in a spin or tumble.

By Newton's Attic

Pipe Cleaner Structures

Students will design towers with pipe cleaners in an effort to not only make the towers as tall as possible, but also able to support as much weight as possible. Coins will be used as weights to judge the integrity of the design.

By the Engineers Without Borders


Learn about how popcorn is popped from biosystems engineering students! Samples of popcorn will be given out!

By the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

Rainbow LEDs

oin us for a circuit building activity where you get to make a rainbow out of LEDs!

By the EngiQueers

Rain Cloud in a Jar

This rain cloud in a jar is a weather science experiment that gives young children a chance to explore clouds and rain in a hands-on and engaging way!

By the National Society of Black Engineers

RC Pulling Tractors

Remote control pulling tractors

By the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

Robot Maze

Race a Lego robot against the clock.

By the UK Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering/IEEE Student Branch


Design and launch your very own Rocket

By the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Rube Goldberg Machine Design & Build

Problem solve and work together to complete your own cause & effect Rube Goldberg machine!

By the Living Arts & Science Center

See the Sun for Free

Stop by and see the Sun in the light of ionized hydrogen. In this color, the Sun's limb is alive with strings, spikes, and loops of glowing gas. If clear, we will set up a solar telescope in the Engineering Quad.

By the MacAdam Student Observatory

Snap Circuits

Have fun learning what it's like to be an electrical engineer, and come build some snap circuits.

By the UK Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering/IEEE Student Branch

Society For Biomaterials - Bone Activity

Learn about the properties of bone and attempt to build a “bone” strong enough to support a textbook… using only a piece of paper and glue. Webpage: engr.uky.edu/ramlab

By the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Space-age Material for Bridge Repair

Composite and high-performance material used for the construction and structural repair of bridges are presented. These include pultruded hybrid CFRP-GFRP I-beams, CFRP and GFRP rebar and prestressing tendons, carbon fabric and laminates and composite deck sections. Several field projects carried out in Kentucky will also be highlighted.

By the Kentucky Transportation Center


We are displaying our first rocket, Lookout, and giving a short presentation on what we do, how our rocket works, and how you can get involved in this extremely rewarding hobby.

By SpaceLex

STEAM Academy Showcase

STEAM Academy is a Fayette County Public School (9-12th grade) that focuses on Project-Based Learning, Internships, and Habits to transform learners into leaders. STEAM staff and students will highlight projects, activities, and extra-curricular clubs that are offered at our incredible program.

By the STEAM Academy

Storm Water Control / WPSC Club

Model of storm runoff control, etc.

By the Department of Civil Engineering

Straw Rockets

Students will create their own straw rocket and see how far they will launch

By Phi Sigma Rho

Stream Restoration

Streams need doctors too. Learn what makes a stream healthy and help us construct a new one.

By the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

Super Structures

Can you build a structure that will stand up to an earthquake?

By the Explorium

The Great Boat Race 2020

Attendees will be able to build paper boats out of different materials and see who's boat can reach the end the fastest. Winners will receive free t-shirts.

By the Engineering Living Learning Program

The Kentucky Re-Entry Universal Payload System (KRUPS)

The KRUPS project is currently developing a re-entry vehicle to serve as a testbed for experiments. A team of students are working to design, build, and test the vehicles and their ejection mechanisms. The payloads created are being flown on high atmospheric balloons, sounding rockets, and resupply vehicles to the International Space Station.


Toyota Learning Center

Come learn about Toyota and our location in Georgetown, KY. We will have numerous activities like how weight affects how far a car will travel, awesome videos of the different production areas like paint and body weld, and demonstrations/examples from Stamping, Powertrain and Plastics. In addition, come learn about the kaizen process and what vehicles we make at the Georgetown site.

By the Toyota Georgetown

Transportation Quiz Bowl

Test your knowledge about transportation trivia! This jeopardy-style game has quizzes for all ages. We'll ask you about transportation modes, traffic signs, roadway features, driver's license requirements, and much more. A new game is played about every 15 minutes and small prizes will be given to the winner of each round.

By the Institute of Transportation Engineers

UAS and Remote Sensing in AgricultureLearn how drones and sensors are used to analyze fields!

By the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

UK Center for Applied Energy Research

The exhibit will include interactive examples of the research performed at the CAER. Including Carbon removal with algae, Innovative concrete from flyash, examples of biofuels and carbon materials.

By the UK Center for Applied Energy Research

UK's Unmanned Systems Research Lab

Come visit us in the UAV lab and check out our huge selection of drones!

By the UK's Unmanned Systems Research Lab

University of Kentucky RailCATS

RailCATS is UK's student organization for those interested in the railroad industry, railroad history or just trains in general! Come see what we've been up to in 2018 & what's in store for 2019!


Virtual Reality Demo

Experience Virtual Reality first hand with VR goggles!

By the Information Technology Services

Watershed in Pieces

Put together a watershed and try out some water magic

By the Water Professionals Student Chapter

We’re Building a Better Tomorrow

By Lockheed Martin

What do Biosystem and Agricultural Engineers do?

All things Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (BAE)! What types of things do BAEs do? Learn about the importance of rain with shaving cream clouds that fill up and eventually pour rain.

By the Alpha Epsilon/Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

What makes a material recyclable?

We show off materials that are easy to recycle, and explain what about their structure makes them better candidates for recycling or reusability. The actual demo would be heating thermoplastics past their glass transition temperature to watch how optical and mechanical properties change. Students would be able to leave with their own polymer and encouraged to try out at home.

By GradSWE