Kevin Wieman

Kevin Wieman had just received his diploma in the mail when he became a member of the Fellows Society and the Quadrangle Society. He graduated knowing a pledge to support the College of Engineering was the first thing he would do after accepting a job offer. That’s exactly what he did.

He credits a range of mentors who influenced him during his college career. Becoming a Fellow, he deemed, was the first opportunity he had to return the favor to his UK family.

Kevin’s gift supports the activities of the UK Solar Car Team. He was a member of the team for over two years, serving as the business manager during his senior year. He spent many hours soliciting sponsors knowing that in addition to the many technical challenges that come with being on the team, the financial challenges are just as daunting. Giving to the Solar Car Team is his way to reward a team that performs well and works hard.

A fourth generation Wildcat, Kevin came to UK to preserve a family tradition. Thanks to his generosity, many more engineering students will experience the triumphs of teamwork and success.

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