Student Co-op Fact Sheet (PDF)

Position Appraisal First Term (PDF): The position appraisals have been converted into an online system. Students who are registered for co-op will be sent a unique token/link to complete the appraisal towards the end of their co-op semester.

Position Appraisal Later Terms (PDF)

Job Data Report (PDF)

Co-op First Term Work Report Guidelines(PDF)

Co-op Later Terms Work Report Guidelines (PDF)

Coop guidelines

Sample Rotation Schedules

Chemical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Materials Science Junior Rotation Schedule (Word File)

EE Sophomore rotation for Summer Start (Word File)

EE Sophomore Student Rotation – Fall Start (Word File)

CS Sophomore Rotation, Fall Start (Word File)

Civil Engineering Junior, Spring Start Rotation Schedule (Word File)

CE Sophomore Co-op Rotation, Summer Start (Word File)