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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I include with my CV/Resume? It should include standard CV/resume elements, but it could be beneficial to include one or more of the following elements:

    • links to code samples (e.g., a GitHub profile or repository)
    • a list of prior research and programming projects, highlighting your role and main accomplishments
    • a list of prior publications (e.g, peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers, and research posters)

    These are not required, but could help counterbalance any weaknesses in your application.

  • Which transcripts must I submit? You must provide transcripts from all post-secondary institutions at which you have taken courses, whether you received a degree or not.

  • Can I submit unofficial test scores? Unofficial (scanned) test results are allowed for the application. However, if accepted, you must have your test provider submit the official scores to the Graduate School for verification using the following codes:

    GRE institution code 1837
    GRE department code 0402
    TOEFL institution code 1837
    TOEFL department code 78

  • Is any additional documentation required for international students? If you are an international student, the Graduate School requires a signed and documented financial certificate (I-20) before you begin the program. The certificate will be requested by the Graduate School after the admissions decision is made. Please contact your admissions officer or the International Center for questions related to international admissions.