Research Opportunities for High School Students

Each year the College of Engineering welcomes high school students seeking to gain research experience by working with our faculty and staff.  We want this experience to be rewarding for the student participant but at the same time, we want young researchers to understand that some types of research involve risks.

For this reason, the UK Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has set forth procedures that must be completed before high school students are allowed to enter any laboratory. This includes a risk assessment of the lab in which the student will work, paperwork to be signed by the PI, student, and their parent/guardian, and safety training where applicable. For more information on procedures to be followed, the forms to be completed, etc., please visit EHS’s Minors In Research Laboratories or Animal Facilities.

High school students working with College of Engineering faculty and staff should also register with the Kentucky Young Researchers Program.

As a participant in the Kentucky Young Researchers Program, the students is eligible to request a “free” UK parking permit allowing them to park in specific parking areas.  Complete the following request form and submit to UK Transportation Services located in Parking Structure #6, corner of Virginia Avenue and Press Avenue.

For more information on research opportunities in the College of Engineering for high school students, please email Dr. Kimberly Anderson.


Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

More than 33% of College of Engineering undergraduates participate in research in some form. All students are encouraged to conduct research as an undergraduate.  Students can participate in research at any point in their academic program.  You do not need to be an upperclassman to conduct research. Click here for more information about Undergraduate Research.


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