Laboratory Safety

Lab safety, whether as part of a class or for independent research, is our highest priority. All personnel are required to complete safety training as appropriate for the lab in which they will learn/work.  Employees may not enter any laboratory until all required safety training is completed. This is true for faculty, staff, post-doctoral scholars, visiting researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and high school students working with a faculty mentor.

Report any unsafe or dangerous behavior in the laboratory to the responsible faculty member, the department safety officer, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, or UK Environmental Health and Safety (859)257-3827.

Engineering Safety Officers

Name Department Office Address Office Phone Email Address
Joyce Evans Biomedical Engineering 514G RMB 2572685
Nancy Miller Chemical and materials Engineering 059C FPAT 2575127
Nick Cprek Chemical and Materials Engineering 061 FPAT 257-2917
Rong Chen Center for Aluminum Technology 1505 Bull Lea Rd 514-5989 Ext 109
Brian Wajdyk Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering 372 ASTeCC 218-6548
Robert (Bob) Day Civil Engineering 264 OHR 257-8036
Clark Graves Kentucky Transportation Center 176 OHR 257-7388
Yongwook Song Computer Science/Vision Center 204F2 DMB 257-1257 Ext 82249
Richard Anderson Electrical and Computer Engineering 558 FPAT 257-8396
John May Environmental Research and Training Lab C340 OHR 257-1123
Dali Qian Electron Microscope Center A004 ASTeCC 218-6511
Herb Mefford Mechanical Engineering/IR4TD/ISM 006 RGAN 218-0757
Joshua Calnan Mining Engineering  131 MMRB  257-8032