Engineering Computer Support

You may use the form below to submit a request for help from ECS. You may send e-mail to or drop by our office at 215A Robotics Building (RMB). If you send e-mail, please include a subject and a brief description of the problem in the body of the message.

Help Request Form


  1. Enter your name, email address and other information below. Items 1-6 are extremely important.

  2. Provide a brief but descriptive subject in the field provided (item #7). Some examples might be:
    I can't log into my unix account.
    I can't log into the Novell network.
    Eudora won't connect to the server.

  3. Provide a description of the request in the text area below (item #8). Please provide details you feel are important or simply provide what information you have. If your computer gives you an error message, please include it in the problem description.

  4. Click the Submit button to submit your request. Click the cancel button to cancel your request or to clear the form and start over.

You will recieve an e-mail message confirming that your request has been received. You may also submit requests using your favorite email package.

  1. Name:

  2. Complete email address:

  3. Advisor's name (if you are a graduate student):

  4. Phone Number:

  5. Location (Room no. and building):

  6. Department:

  7. Subject:

  8. Description of problem or request:

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