Dr. Quancang Ma, Senior Research Associate

Dr. Quancang Ma is a Senior Research Associate at Center for Aluminum Technology at University of Kentucky. Dr. Quancang Ma received his PhD from the Department of Materials Science at the University of Science and Technology, Beijing in 2007. Dr. Ma spent ten years in Al manufacturing industry where he was involved in casting, hot and cold-rolling, annealing, process optimization, quality improvement, root cause analysis of product defects and new product development.

Dr. Ma also has extensive research experience in deformation and recrystallization mechanisms, texture, crystal plasticity modeling of Al, Mg and Steel. His research interests focus on texture evolution, grain substructure behavior, phase transformation, and failure analysis in Al alloys; and twinning and hardening and dynamic recrystallization in Mg alloys at varied temperatures. He has also performed crystal plasticity modeling to investigate the processing-structure-property relationship in metals including Al, Mg, brass, and steel under various conditions. Dr. Ma has published over forty peer-reviewed journal and conference papers.