The College of Engineering believes that our students would benefit from a complementary form of support offered through our talented and loyal alumni network. We recognize that our students are multifaceted and have concerns that extend beyond their coursework. Many do not have an engineer in their family or existing network. Many are unsure about what they can do with their engineering degree or what the realities of a career in engineering are. Furthermore, our students have explicitly expressed their desire for more contact with alumni. Our alumni are, in turn, interested in giving back and reconnecting with their alma mater. Thus, the College of Engineering is launching the pilot of its Engineering Alumni Mentor Program in fall of 2016.

Alumni applications for the Alumni Mentoring Program are now closed. We will be seeking mentors in mid-2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year. If you have questions about the program, please see contact information on page 4 of the Mentor Handbook.

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Alumni mentoring handbook








Student applications for the Alumni Mentoring Program are now closed. If you have applied for the program, you will be contacted by the College of Engineering in late July or early August with an update on your application status.

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Student mentoring handbook