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A Century of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Education

David A. Kofke, "Molecular Concepts in Thermodynamics Education" < abstract>

John L. Falconer, "Concepts in a Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Course " <abstract>

Kenneth Jolls, "Visualization: Exposing the Art in Thermodynamics " <abstract>

Peter Ahlström, Karel Aim, Ralf Dohrn, Richard Elliott, Ljudmila Fele Žilnik, George Jackson, Jean-Noel Jaubert Jaubert, Maria Eugénia Rebello de A. Macedo, Juha-Pekka Pokki, Kati Reczey, Alexey Victorov, Ioannis G. Economou " A Survey of Thermodynamics and Transport Properties in Chemical Engineering Education in Europe and the USA" <abstract> <paper>

Stanley Sandler, "Biological Applications in Thermodynamics Education " <abstract>

A Century of Transport Phenomena

R. Byron Bird, "Was a Transport Phenomena Course in Chemical Engineering Curricula Inevitable?" < abstract> <paper>

David H. West, "A Quarter Century of Fun with Industrial Strength Transport Phenomena " <abstract>

Marcel A. Liauw, "Transport Phenomena from a Chemist's Perspective"<abstract>

Jennifer Sinclair Curtis, "Integration of CFD into the Undergraduate Chemical Engienering Curriculum" <abstract>

Regrettably, technical difficulties prevented some presentations from being recorded.

Progress in Computing in Chemical Engineering Education

Michael B. Cutlip, "Progress in Student Calculations on the Desktop Cloudy Crystal Ball" <abstract>

Thomas Edgar, "Computing Through the Curriculum: An Integrated Approach " <abstract>

G.V. Reklaitis, "Computing in ChE Curriculum " <abstract>