• Every SEAM course requires student presentations. The students feel that this is invaluable in preparing for internships and adds an overall sense of self confidence. SEAM participants repeatedly use these skills that they will need to work within an engineering enterprise.
  • SEAM students enjoy smaller classes with top faculty from the College of Engineering and the Gatton College of Business and Economics.
  • Early class registration and early dorm move-in are distinct advantages.
  • Student certification in lean systems from the University of Kentucky is a national recognition of excellence. 

Freshman Year

Fall – Technology: Blessing or Curse? -a course that uses the acclaimed PBS series, Connections, as a blueprint to explore the surprising twists and turns that technological innovation has taken through the centuries and its impact on the very fabric of society. (Fulfills UK Core Requirements for Social Sciences).

Spring – Understanding Leadership -this one hour seminar course introduces students to concepts and skills related to leadership and targets undergraduate students who hold or aspire to leadership positions across campus or in their careers. This seminar focuses on leadership — theories about leadership, instances of leadership, questions about what makes leaders successful or not, and in what contexts.

Sophomore Year

Fall – Introduction to Lean Systems – The purpose of this course is to teach the basics of True Lean and demonstrate the development of Just-in-Time production system. The course employs a mixture of in-class presentations, hands-on activities, and selected outside assignments. Working in teams, students will learn fundamental lean tools and concepts such as 5S, visual management and waste elimination and apply them in a table-top simulated factory setting. Each team’s factory will be guided through a series of prerequisite stages required to support a Just-in-Time production system. In addition, teams will be taught the basics of standardized work and apply 8-step problem solving to a real problem encountered in their factory. Students earn University of Kentucky True Lean Certification.


Students convince Wall Street analysts why their firm is a good investment
Students convince Wall Street analysts why their firm is a good investment

Spring – Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation is designed to offer students a sound theoretical and practical understanding of entrepreneurship and the new venture creation process. Throughout this course, real cases and real entrepreneurs (i.e. Entrepreneur-Mentors—EMs) are used to complement the theoretical discussions on entrepreneurship.

Junior Year

Fall – Supply Chain Management – The study of supply chain management involves the management of key business processes, the flow of goods and information, and relationships with fellow members of the supply chain. This course will introduce students to the terminology, concepts, and skills related to supply chain management.

Senior Year

Fall – The Engineering Enterprise Project Management course helps students understand how engineering and technology are managed. This course examines the role of project management, the environment in which it exists, the project life cycle, as well as the tools and techniques for assuring project success.