The Integration of Technology & Business Administration

A Joint Degree Program of the College of Engineering and the Gatton College of Business and Economics

The practice of engineering has undergone considerable change. Economic and managerial issues that were previously addressed outside of the engineer’s domain have been integrated into the engineer’s responsibilities. Engineers have moved through engineering positions into managerial positions where they still draw upon their technological background. As a result, many graduate engineers have returned to school to obtain an MBA. In many MBA programs, graduate engineers represent more than one-fourth of the students.

In recognition of the increasing need for the integration of technology and business administration, the Engineering/MBA Dual Degree Program was established to enable students to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration in five-years.  The dual degree program includes three components:

  1. exclusive enrichment activities during the undergraduate senior year
  2. one-year accelerated MBA
  3. international study experience

Below is an overview of the program including a timeline.

Engineering/MBA Dual Degree Program Timeline
BS/MBA timeline

Years 1 through 4

Take engineering courses as normal and before start of MBA take MBA prerequisites: Economics and Accounting.  Click here for details about MBA prerequisites. New options available that are quicker than traditional courses!

Apply to Engineering/MBA Dual Degree Program the summer between junior and senior year

  • July: Application invitations sent to students who have earned 90+ credits with a GPA ≥ 3.25
  • Applications are closed for 2016.

In addition to regular course work during the senior year, one enrichment activity per semester will be provided.  Examples include: Industry Leader Seminars, Workshops and Company Visits.

Before final spring semester of senior year, take GMAT or GRE, and apply to Graduate School. Scholarships are limited and competitive, and are determined by an Admissions Committee based on the overall competitiveness of the candidate’s application, with emphasis on the GMAT or GRE scores and undergraduate academic achievement.

Year 5

MBA Program
Classes & project work with other 1-year MBA students (8 week summer session plus fall and spring semesters).

International Study
Exclusive 2 week international study after the completion of the MBA.  The Dual Degree Program pays for the international study tuition, lodging and transportation within Europe.  Students are responsible for international study application fees, air fare to/from Europe, and for meals.

Year 6 – one more semester if needed

If student would have graduated with undergraduate degree in December, the final semester of undergraduate studies is deferred until the completion of the MBA and International Study since these steps have fixed start dates.


How to participate in the Engineering/MBA Dual Degree Program

The Engineering/MBA Dual Degree Program is open to engineering and computer science students who have completed their junior year with a GPA ≥ 3.25.  Each summer students who meet these criteria will be invited to apply for admission to the dual degree program.

  • Students that receive an invitation but have more than 3 semesters of undergraduate study remaining should defer application until the next year.

Admission to the Engineering/MBA program does not constitute admission to the MBA degree program. Program participants must formally apply for admission to graduate school. Admission to the Engineering/MBA Dual Degree Program entitles students to participate in the fourth year activities listed above; for possible scholarship assistance in the MBA program; and participation in the international experience.

How to find out more


Kim Sayre, P.E.
Engineering/MBA Dual Degree Program Director
220L CRMS Building


For information on the MBA component of the dual degree program, click here

Or, contact:

Harvie Wilkinson
MBA Program Director
145 Gatton Building

To learn more about the international study component of the Engineering/MBA Dual Degree Program, see past posts from the EngrMBA student blog.