Code is everywhere

Studying perhaps the most abstract discipline within the College of Engineering, computer scientists design and analyze algorithms and computational models to solve problems. Computer scientists learn how to model and respond to the world around them. Sometimes those models require intensive numeric or symbolic computation, and sometimes they get dressed up in pretty graphics. But either way, computer scientists must know how to think in the abstract.

Modeling your world

Everything inside computer software has its roots in mathematics, and by understanding that abstract model you can create better computer software. But computer science goes beyond software alone — it also requires strong project management skills and knowledge of human-computer interactions.

More than just video games

Video games like World of Warcraft are one of the most visible parts of the field. But computer science goes beyond entertainment to include things like user interface theory, mathematics, algorithmic design, databases and artificial intelligence. Computer science has deep connections with many other fields as well, such as data visualization, medical applications and chemical research. Computer science students have unprecedented entrepreneurial, collaborative and creative opportunities.

A UK computer science faculty member is currently using modern digital technology to decipher ancient philosophical and learned writings from scrolls that were turned to carbon by Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79.

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