Tau Beta Pi College of Engineering Awards Banquet Winners

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The 2016 Tau Beta Pi College of Engineering Awards Banquet was held on Tuesday, April 19. Here are the student and faculty winners from each department.


Biomedical Engineering

Outstanding Teacher – Dr. Abhijit Patwardhan

Outstanding Graduate Student (Masters) – Chris Schildt

Outstanding Graduate Student (Doctoral) – Iman Shojaei


Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Frank Woeste Award – Stephen Cecconi

Outstanding Junior – David Cline

Outstanding Senior – Hanna Hafer

Outstanding Teacher – Dr. Czarena Crofcheck


Chemical Engineering

AICHE Senior – Paige Clark

Outstanding Chemical Engineering Senior Award – Cassandra Porter

AICHE Junior – Katelyn Dray

Outstanding Chemical Engineering Junior Award – Jonathan Coburn

Omega Chi Epsilon Outstanding Senior Member – David Miller

Outstanding CME Graduate Students- Sebastian Hernandez; Suvamay Jana

Outstanding Chemical Engineering Teacher Award – Dr. Zach Hilt


Civil Engineering

Outstanding Junior – Travis Watts and Isabella Sanchez

Outstanding Senior – Rory Pope

Outstanding University Scholar – Tyler Mahoney

Outstanding Graduate Student – Elizabeth Marquess

Outstanding Faculty – Timothy Taylor


Computer Science

Outstanding Academic Performance- Stephen Parsons and Aaron Stromberg

ACM UK Student Chapter Outstanding Teacher – Paul Piwowarski

ACM UK Student Chapter Outstanding Teaching Assistant – Virgil Barnard

ACM UK Student Chapter Outstanding Graduating Senior – Jacob Chappell

Thaddeus B. Curtz Memorial Scholarship – Patrick Shepherd Sergio Andres Polanco Rivera


Electrical and Computer Engineering

H. Alex Romanowitz Memorial Award – Lindsey Gillaspie

Outstanding Senior – Alex Burkhart

Outstanding Teacher – Rob Adams

Robert L. Cosgriff Award – Joshua Morgan

IEEE-HKN Outstanding ECE Junior – Angelo Stekardis

IEEE-HKN Outstanding ECE Senior – Alex Burkhart


Materials Engineering

Outstanding Materials Engineering Senior Award – Scott Elliott

Outstanding Materials Engineering Junior Award – Mujan Seif

ASM International Bluegrass Chapter Scholarships – Krista Lehnhardt; Cory Abeling

Outstanding Graduate Students – Jie Pan; Yan Jin

Outstanding Materials Engineering Teacher Award – Dr. John Balk


Mechanical Engineering

ASME Bluegrass Section Outstanding Scholar – Salvador Loc, Kenneth Maggard, Dane Rape

J.W. May Achievement Award – Jeremy Dailey

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Sophomore – Virginia Smith

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Junior – Stannard Phelps

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Senior – Michael Wilt

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Graduate Student – Soheil Saedi

ME Outstanding Lecturer Award – Dr. Christine Goble

ME Outstanding Teacher Award – Dr. Jesse Hoagg


Mining Engineering

Outstanding Junior- Colton Grant

Outstanding Senior – Taylor Ball

Outstanding Faculty – Zacharias Agioutantis

Academic Achievement Award – Kyle Hogue

Mu Nu Gamma Junior Academic Achievement Award – Colton Grant


College of Engineering Awards

Lou Takacs Engineering Cooperative Education Award – Joshua Morgan

Engineering Alumni Association Senior Leadership Award – Joshua Morgan

Henry Mason Lutes Award for Excellence in Engineering Education – Tim Taylor


Tau Beta Pi Awards

Kentucky Alpha Chapter Project Scholarship – Jared Beck

Most Outstanding Senior – Hayden Smith

Most Outstanding Graduate Student – Sean Karlage

Most Outstanding Staff – Melissa Brown

Most Outstanding Professor – Dr. Aaron Cramer

Dr. Bruce L. Walcott Tau Beta Pi Most Outstanding Service Award – Dr. Matthew Beck

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